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Masterstroke Packages provides services and solutions in the following areas

Labels (Self-Adhesive, Wet Glue, Film-BOPP, PET, PP, etc)

We guarantees the quality, flexibility and accuracy of the labelling heads in high-speed environments. Some Applications for standard labelling can be Security labelling, Anti-tamper labels, etc. These standard labelling heads are highly durable and also used in our custom-built labelling systems.

Carrier Pack (Cans, PET Bottles and Glass Bottles)

Produced on dedicated multicolour UV web presses with inline foiling, lamination, varnishing and converting, Masterstroke Packages has several labelling solutions for the various industries: Beverage, Oil and gas, Pharmaceutical, Distilleries, Cosmetics


We are Unique

Masterstroke Packages combines both state-of-the-art equipment and skilled personnel to ensure superior print quality.


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