Scratch-off Solutions 
  • Telephone Recharge Cards
    Masterstroke Packages is the pioneer local producer of telephone recharge cards in Nigeria. Since 1999, Masterstroke Packages has been providing solutions in this area starting with telephone recharge cards and long-distance calling cards. Masterstroke Packages now has a client base spanning the telecom industry in Nigeria.
    This is enhanced by
    • High opacity label with a strong, clear substrate.
    • Strong resistance to abrasion, moisture, peeling and tape lift
    • Wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
    • Completely custom security labels to match your specific requirements
  • Scratch-and-Win Cards
    Our scratch and win cards are designed using paper cards with mass production in mind. We have tested materials and adhesives certified to produce the most secure labels with strong resistance to abrasion, moisture, peeling and tape lift.
  • Lottery Cards
    We offer the widest variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from but can also create completely custom scratch off labels to match your specific design. Scratch off labels are most commonly used for scratch & win promotions We are very experienced in this category as foremost printers.